See a retail store through
the customer’s eyes

Attract more customers
and increase sales

At CWVM, we are fascinated by the psychology of shopping. We focus on gaining insight into customers’ interactions with the store environment so we can deliver VM that works.

Our aim is to attract more customers and increase return visits by bringing your brand experience to life in store and stimulating a powerful, emotive response in the customer. We know the realities of retailing and that successful VM balances business considerations with creativity, providing flexible solutions for a changing retail environment.

We work harmoniously with our clients’ in-house teams as well as existing suppliers and we take a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients, onsite or off site.

When required, we have access to a talented team of specialists to work on projects. These include experts in retail graphic design, VM training, retail marketing, digital and online marketing as well as visual merchandising suppliers, store designers and shop fitters.

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